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12000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner - Heat Pump - SENA/12HF

Estimated Ship Date is 2017 Nov 6th
  • Product Description

    This 12000BTU Ductless Air Conditioner by Senville is one of the most advanced and high-end split units on the market. Providing you with a variety of features including, SEER 23, 12000BTU Cooling, 1200BTU Heat Pump, Turbo Mode, Ionizing Air Filter, Dehumidification, Timer Function, Follow Me Function and much more.

    High Efficiency DC Inverter Mini Split

    sgtb-23-seer-mini-split.gifWith SEER Ratings as high as 23, the Senville Aura surpasses many of the top name brands when it comes to efficiency. Enjoy the benefit of a cool climate controlled room, with a simple and easy to install air conditioner. Additionally, the 12000BTU Senville Aura offers you one of the quietest split air conditioning systems on the market, with minimal audible noise, ensuring the most comfortable overall experience.

    Energy Star Certified

    sgtb-energy-star-mini-split.gifThe Senville Aura Series is also fully certified by Energy Star for the highest levels of energy efficiency. With ultra energy efficient air conditioners, you can expect to save upwards of 40% on your energy costs annually. This model makes a great companion for anyone looking to cool and/or heat their home or business, while minimizing running costs in the long-term.

    Ultra Inverter Heating and Cooling (Up to -22F)

    sgtb-heat-pump-mini-split.gifSenville is proud offer one of the most advanced heating and cooling systems in the world. Our Ultra-Inverter Technology, allows our mini split systems to provide cooling and heating at up to -22F, with up to 75% efficiency, which means you won't experience any additional cost overages on your energy as temperatures go lower. Now available on all of our AURA Series models, your Ultra Inverter system will provide you with cooling and heating, all year round, even in the coldest climates. ‰Û¬

    Diagnostics & Leak Detection System

    sgtb-leak-detect-mini-split.gifAlso included on this ductless system are a variety of features including self-cleaning, leak detection, and diagnostic display, all designed to ensure a proper running system, that will last a lifetime. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your air conditioner will warn you of any potential problems, allowing for proper maintenance and a climate control system that functions at it's highest efficiency.

    Efficient Inverter Technology

    sgtb-dc-inverter-mini-split.gifSenville has long manufactured their air conditioners with an emphasis on energy efficiency and affordability. Technology like its inverter compressor, results in drastic reduction of energy usage, ultimately making it one of the most efficient systems with Inverter Technology. It's technology like this that helps the ductless system to reach such high SEER ratings. Opt for a split system with Inverter Technology to ensure that you are minimizing your energy costs.

    Manufacturer's Warranty

    sgtb-warranty-7-year.gifAll Senville models are backed by a comprehensive 7 year warranty designed to protect your purchase. All warranty claims are processed by the North American Headquarters of Senville, ensuring the highest levels of customer support and satisfaction. This 7 year warranty offers coverage on the compressor and a 2 year warranty on other parts. You can rest assured knowing that your purchase will be protected for up to 7 years, and we know that we are providing you with the highest quality product available.

    Installation Kit & Accessories Included

    sgtb-install-kit-mini-split.gifSenville air conditioners include a complimentary installation kit, designed to ease installation as well as minimize installation costs. These units come pre-charged with R410A refrigerant and include the necessary piping for installation and hook up. Many inferior split units, may not include these parts, which eventually adds to your costs. Our Senville models come equipped and ready for installation from the moment your arrive at your door, with minimal additional cost.

    *Important Note: Installation kit does not include wiring harness or electrical wiring. Standard electrical wiring can be provided by your installer, or can be purchased at a local hardware store. Please refer to technical specifications for wire sizes and specifications.

    Key Product Features

    • 23 SEER (CEE Tier 3)
    • With Heat Pump (Up to -30C / -22F)
    • Energy Star Certified
    • Whisper Technology (Ultra Quiet)
    • Refrigerant Leak Detection
    • Inverter Technology
    • Silver Ion Filter (Anti-Microbial)
    • Vertical Swing Function
    • Built-In De-humidification Function
    • Follow Me Function (Remote with Built-In Thermostat)
    • Low Ambient Cooling (Up to -30C / -22F)
    • Self-Cleaning Mode
    • PTC Heat Belt and Pan
    • Bucket Free Outdoor Design
    • Self Diagnosis System

    Documentation and Certifications

    Technical Specifications

    Model Number SENA-12HF-Z
    Style Ductless Mini Split AC With Heat Pump
    Compressor Toshiba (GMCC)
    Refrigerant R410A (Pre-Charged)
    Refrigerant Pre Charge 25 Ft.
    Cooling Capacity 12000 BTU
    Heating Capacity 11800 BTU
    Air Flow 418 H / 324 M / 247 L CFM
    Power Supply 208-230 V / 60 Hz, 1 Ph
    Input Power 960 W (cooling) / 975 W (heating)
    Input Current 4.2 A (cooling) / 4.2 A (heating)
    SEER 22.5
    EER 12.5
    HSPF5 9.9
    Sound Level 43/36/24 dB (indoor unit) 56 dB (outdoor unit)
    Moisture Removal 1.2 L / hr
    Min Operating Temperature - 30 C / - 22 F
    Net Weight 19 lbs (indoor unit) 88 lbs (outdoor unit)
    Dimensions 32.87x7.8x11.02 in (indoor unit) 31.50x13.1x21.81 in (outdoor unit)
    Warranty 2 Years on Parts / 7 Years on Compressor
    Connection Wiring (Indoor/Outdoor) 16AWG-4 Stranded, Unshielded
    Connection Wiring (Power Supply) 12-3 Gauge
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    1. Extremely Satisfied Customer

      This machine runs very well and not noisy it heat and cool our house in no time. Also easy installation and fast delivery from the company. I recommend this product. on 2017 Oct 10th

    2. extrêmement satisfaite de mon achat

      Excellent rendement. J'ai choisi de faire installer afin de profiter de ma garantie. Le bloc intérieur de la thermopome indique les degrés en luminescent (en plus de la manette de contrôle) ce qui donne un + pour le "look". Dans l'ensemble fonctionne à merveille. J'ADORE! on 2017 Sep 21st

    3. AC works great

      I was not a fan of the instruction manual but it all worked out great in the end. on 2017 Aug 29th

    4. Great machine. Heated 400 square feet all winter long. AC is also very powerful.

      Purchased unit in 2015 (aura series, 12000btu). Installed in July 2016 (construction delays). During winter, January 2017 It consumed approximately 350kw/h (efergy monitor on subpanel)*. This equals roughly $65 for the month of heating a 400 square foot room. *Note that 350kw/h includes cost of running fridge, stove, computer, tv and lights for entire 400 square foot apartment. This is January in Toronto, Canada. The heater worked all winter long (not the coldest winter, however, it did drop very close to -20C) I'm very impressed with this machine and I would buy another. on 2017 Jul 31st

    5. Super

      J ai achete une 12000 Btu il y a un mois, l installation m a coute environ 600$ pour 40 pieds de tuyaux au total dans la region de Quebec. Unite tres silencieuse (interieur/exterieur) rien a dire et climatise tres bien mes chambres en haut. Je recommande. on 2017 Jul 10th

    6. Top of the line product

      I've installed many of these units they are quality built and durable . Reliablitly has been second to none on this brand, very quite and go down in the cold tempetures, Highly recommended. on 2017 Jun 30th

    7. Works just fine. Time will tell.

      I bought and installed this 12000 unit 5 weeks ago. Delivered across the country in just 6 days. At the same time purchased Fujitsu18000 ceiling cassette unit from a local contractor. Contractor purged and tested both systems. Contractor noted that senville outdoor unit was quieter than the Fujitsu as checked with decibel meter. Fujitsu unit cost 4 times as much however is a ceiling cassette, is larger, and has a longer warranty.
      Phoned Senville a couple of times prior to buying and was connected to knowledgable staff with minimal wait time. Liked that a lot.
      Unit seems to work well and is very quiet. Instructions not great but Fujitsu was no better. I am a retired electrician and didn't have a problem.
      Neither remote displays actual room temperature, only set point. Found this a bit odd. Set point shows about 1 degree higher than actual room temperature. Fujitsu shows closer to 2 degrees higher.
      Remote does not have a night set back feature. that would be nice. You can set the timer to turn the unit off but not to just lower the temperature.
      Overall very happy with the unit so far. Makes me wonder why I spent the extra money for the Fujitsu "premium" unit.
      on 2017 Jun 14th

    8. Quite satisfied

      Bought my first unit last summer and was satisfied enough that I bought the same one for my basement on 2017 May 18th

    9. senville 12000 btu heat pump

      ordered pump in march,delivered to n.s in no time.nice looking unit,had no problem with installition,but you must read your manuals. runs very quiet.and on cold days seems to put out heat very well. on 2017 May 4th

    10. Very Pleased sofar

      Unit shipped quickly , was easy to install and works great . Very quiet and seems well built.
      staff answered all emails quickly . So I am happy with unit so far, It has only been running a couple of days, time will tell . If it continues to work this well it is very good value for the cost.
      on 2017 Jan 23rd

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